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Abir Zenait's Arabic classroom at ESUMS!

Find curricula, links, and resources for teaching Arabic on this page. If something is underlined, click on it to go there.

NHPS Teachers Find All new Curricula for 6th grade, Level , Level II and Level III here.

Here is a rubric just for when you give writing tasks in Arabic:

Links for Arabic Instruction

The Arabic K-12 Teachers Network provides teachers of Arabic K-12 with research, teaching materials, resources, and professional development opportunities. This website is maintained by the National Capital Language Resource Center. They have this great list of websites for students and teachers.

The University of Texas at Austin has a bunch of links for Arabic learning here.

Check out "My Arabic Website" with lots of resources for teachers and students here.

See an online module for Arabic teachers to learn about the national standards here.

The UCLA Less Commonly Taught Languages project has lots of lesson plans and resources - search "Arabic" from the drop-down menu.

Did you know there are podcasts for Learning Arabic for free in iTunes? Maybe you can encourage your students to download.

Check out this website with FREE online dialogues for Arabic instruction.

This site seems to be maintained by a teacher and has vocabulary lists, grammar lessons, and links.

Noorart has many resources for Arabic instruction.