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GREAT PBIS Interventions page - click on how you see students behaving and it gives you possible interventions. Wow!
Check out PBIS World - more ideas according to behaviors!!!

Watch these Fred Jones videos on class management and consider buying "Tools for Teaching" available on Amazon used for about $4.

What does Student Engagement look like?

Kids define what they need to be Engaged:

Here is an excellent website and blog dedicated to class management topics.

NEW! Here is a website that assists you in making data-based seating charts!

Excellent blog about homework with lots of ideas about how to handle checking homework at The Great Homework Debate.

New Video - Check out this 1 minute video on using a TIMER in class.
Download the timer that Jessica used at November 5th here.

Read about what this teacher learned in her first two years of teaching!

From our High School CIA meeting, September 20, 2013
What are the top three pieces of advice you would give to new teachers?
○ Keep them occupied and busy.
○ Structure and routine is good.
○ Be consistent
○ Have good time management.
○ Set time limits.
○ Clear expectations / Procedures

Share-Out Thoughts:

■ Let your students know what you need from them.
■ Be clear about what you expect from them and what they can expect from you.
■ Let them know that you believe in their ability to do it.
■ Be consistent.
■ Positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement.
■ Get to know the students. Establish trust.
■ Don’t take it personally.
  • ● Building issues.
  • ● Personality issues.
  • ● Attitudes, etc..
■ Managed and planned transitions.
  • ● Every transition can be a language activity.
  • ● Visualize lessons the same way that athletes visualize.

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