Discover Languages!

Here are ways to promote language learning in your school.

Visit the Advocacy links on our Google site:

Very FUN "languages of the world" online quiz- you need speakers and an internet connection.

Visit ACTFL's Discover Languages page and scroll through their ideas. Visit the Advocacy Page for ways you can become an active advocate!

See Vista Learning's Top 10 Reasons to learn another language here.

Great article "A Linguist, a Polyglot, and a translator walk into a bar...." You do not have to join to read it. Just X that advertisement out.

Here is a cool brochure from ADFL about why people should learn languages. You can download and print it!

Check out this map about the diversity of the many languages taught in the world!

Here is a very cool set of maps about different exports from each country in the world!

Here is our "Discover Languages Quiz." Use the link to Omniglot for students to listen to the greetings.

Have a "Discover Languages Week"

•Ask your principal if you can have a “greeting of the day” all week that is announced on morning announcements.

•Have a day where students wear a nametag listing the languages they speak.

•Have a day in which students who greet you in your language get a sticker or candy.

•Bring in outside speakers to talk about how they use languages in their careers.

•Host a global-themed lunch or snacks in the teachers’ room.

•Leave little cultural gifts or cookies with a greeting in your colleagues mailboxes (Happy Discover Languages Week!).

•Show video clips or play music in various languages in your classes and ask students to identify the language.

The Advocacy Page on the wl-info wiki has the CT University Admission requirements and other advocacy articles.

The ctworldlanguagesK8 wiki has a Program Advocacy Articles page with lots of pro-language learning resources.