Here is information about taking both local and international field trips in NHPS.

In an effort to provide ample time for planning and a more timely approval, a new process has been established, as follows:

For ALL trips outside the continental U.S. (including Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and Alaska):
  • All requests must be submitted by May 15th of the academic year before travel. The request requirements are included in this packet. Contact Jessica Haxhi for your packet.

  • The trip will be presented to the Finance and Operations Committee for approval.

  • You will receive final confirmation of your approval by June 15th.

  • A final approval packet must be submitted by November 15th of the academic year of travel. The final approval request directions are contained in this packet.

  • After the final packet has been approved, you MUST make Patricia DeMaio and Jessica Haxhi aware of ANY chaperone or student list changes and these must be approved.

  • Final lists of students and chaperones must be sent two weeks prior to travel

Sample Instructional Objectives and Activities

What are the instructional objectives for this trip? List as student learning objectives (i.e., Students will…).
  • Students will use French to communicate in real-life situations such as shopping, ordering at a restaurant, and meeting native speakers.
  • Students will read signs, posters, and other texts in context and comprehend the main idea and important details.
  • Students will identify cultural practices prevalent in Chinese culture, such as showing respect for elders and customs for eating "family style."
  • Students will recognize the historical importance of major sites and landmarks in Italy.

Note: When you submit the Final Request Form in November, you will be required to answer the following questions as well, so please keep in mind as you plan:

What specific learning activities will students engage in to meet these objectives?
  • Students will be required to order for themselves at restaurants and complete at least one shopping activity on their own (accompanied but not assisted by teacher).
  • Students will show comprehension of various texts encountered throughout the trip.
  • Students will experience staying with a Chinese host family. Students will attend a "family-style" dinner at a restaurant with Chinese students of similar age.
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the landmarks and historical sites by keeping an annotated photo album (paper or electronic).
  • Students will participate in a scavenger hunt in which they have to complete certain language tasks and collect certain information at various sites.

How will you assess the effectiveness of this trip? (Can you assess student learning before/after or show student participation during the trip?) SAMPLES
  • Students will be required to record themselves interacting in French with a native speaker at least two times during the trip. They will submit these videos when we return.
  • The teacher will travel with a checklist to keep track of how often students use French (and how well) in situations. Students will receive a "score" when they return home.
  • Students will take pictures of various texts they encounter along the trip and submit these with an annotation of what they thought/think the text was about while on the trip.
  • Students will keep a "daily culture journal" detailing what they are noticing about similarities and differences between the culture of the country and the United States. Before the trip, the teacher will give students a rubric or checklist by which this journal will be scored when they return.
  • Students will create an annotated photo album that includes pictures of themselves at various historical sites. The album will include simple descriptions of the significance of each site.

International Travel Resources

Click here to see an amazing example of a pre-travel website by Wilbur Cross' own William McKinney.
Here is an interesting article (by Prometours) on the "Hidden Costs of International Travel"
Prometours also has a number of interesting articles to help you plan your trip on their "Resources" tab.

Local Trips

Did you know that between 9:30 AM and 1:00 PM busses within New Haven are free? Contact Jessica for more information.

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some great recommendations from experienced trip-fundraising teachers!

Some teachers have been very successful raising funds on "Donors Choose."
Others have raised funds on "Go Fund Me."
Here is a way to fundraise by selling T-shirts at Custom Ink.

Great fundraising events:
  • Sell HEADPHONES - Check it out here:

  • Silent auction at a school event - businesses donate the baskets/auction items.
  • Raffles for holidays: Valentine's Day, Super Bowl, Christmas, etc.
  • Organize a 5K race at the school.
  • Have a school night at Moe's or Outback restaurants - they give up to 10% of sales to schools.
  • Sell fruits such as oranges from Florida as a fundraiser.