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Ms. Giannopoulos' beautiful room at Cross and Mr. Liebskind's French cities at King Robinson.

Find curricula, resources, and links for teaching French on this page. If something is underlined, click on it to go there. You may have to put in our username and password for pages on the older wiki.


Honors French I and French II. Students must complete additional tasks as outlined in the curriculum and the honors contract. See below. New Course codes for Honors French:

510 – French 1 honors

528 – French 2 honors

Sample Honors Contract:

French I Unit 8 Sample Projects

French IV Curriculum


Links and Resources for the Teaching and Learning of French

Here is the website for the American Association of Teachers of French.

Fabrice Jaumont's web page has a lot of interesting articles about French instruction and dual immersion programs.

Cute new website incorporating audio pronunciation practice! http://www.languageguide.org/

Lots of great pre-made games in French on Quia.

Check out the website of our own Elena Myktarkina, French teacher at Mauro Sheridan.

Great website for resources in Spanish, French, Chinese and English (ELL) by awesome teacher Lori Langer de Ramirez!

Click on a topic (most of the topics from our curriculum are there) and find online games and printables here.

Lots of great links to audio/visual materials, teaching ideas, and games can be found here.

Cool online magazine to use for authentic materials. http://www.okapi.fr/

Interesting blog for French teachers by a French teacher- many ideas for authentic tasks in French class.

Great links for French instruction. http://www.miscositas.com/links.html#french

French Lessons from Everywhere Site – gathers many resources on the internet in one place!http://globegate.utm.edu/french/globegate_mirror/frlesson.html

A list of "Best French Websites" is here: http://www.uni.edu/becker/french31.html

List of French Radio and TV links http://globegate.utm.edu/french/topics/tv.and.radio.html

Here is a great program on Nova (PBS) about how the great gothic cathedrals were built. It fits in nicely with the Paris projects we are doing in 8th grade (unit 5) and STEM (engineering) themes.


Great list of links for French listening comprehension tasks.

Here is a list of French Listening Comprehension sites - great for listening activities!


French Film Resources (from FLTeach!)


Use a great, authentic French song in your classes!

Thanks to Mauro Sheridan teacher, Elena M. for this lesson!

Here is the video:


Here is how to use it:

Description and "mode d'emploi":

This is an authentic and very energetic French song (Mika "Elle Me Dit") that can be used for a final project on "My Everyday Life" unit in French I or French II in Middle or High School (grades 7-12).

A class can be divided into 3-4 groups to make their own video clips based on the same music, but with different words. The teams can be given (or offered to choose) their own specific topic based on the original video's spirit, for example, being tired of everyday routine at school or home, being tired of parental supervision etc. The only words that must be used in the new lyrics are the ones that are constantly repeated in the original song (Elle me dit... Pourquois... Je danse.... Gater ta vie...).

Technology and software to back up the project:

1) French rhyming dictionary: http://www.alcor.com.au/french_rhyming_dictionary.asp

2) Free audio editing and recording software to remove the French lyrics and record students' voices: http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

3) Free Windows Movie Maker software: