This is where we will share ideas and resources for developing Interpersonal Communication.

Download the latest summary of the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages here.
Go here for links to the Daily Routine PowerPoints that we saw on November 5th.
Here is a great list of the "Top 10 Things" one teacher learned in ACTFL OPI Training.


Here is the template to make a Dominoes game:

Here is the template to make your own "Time to Talk" game. A pre-made Spanish version can be found here.

Check out the ideas from this teacher at "The Comprehensible Classroom" blog.
This teacher's blog has a TON of world language learning games.

KARUTA - Japanese Slap-the-Word Game Directions


Teacher can use PowerPoint slides, a blank book, or any photos. Divide the class into two teams.
Use the first slide as your modeling slide, giving points to both sides as they tell you everything they can about the picture they see. Use a timer to give the teams 30 seconds to come up with as many vocabulary words or statements about the picture as they can. After 30 seconds, Team A has the first chance to answer. The teacher awards 1-4 points for answers (add more points for sentences, versus just words). When the Team A has “exhausted” their answers, the Team B can say anything the first team missed. Teams take turns having the first chance to give answers. I use bingo chips and cups on two desks for points. For older students, you can say that if Team B says any answers that have already been said, you will take points OUT of their cup.

The artwork by this artist , Carmen Lomas Garza, would be wonderful to use for Oral Language Building game. Thanks to Carlos L. for this link!

Here is a self-study module for learning about instruction and assessment in the Intepersonal Mode. It was developed by ACTFL and STARTalk and it is excellent!

From Mia at Worthington Hooker: Battleship Game in Spanish! (or any language). Check out Mia's translation of necessary expressions:
Battleship in Spanish 2.JPG
Here is that game that we all loved as kids!
Sorry in Spanish 2.JPG
Another childhood favorite that you can play in any language!

Here are Mia's hint sheets for when the students play Sorry! in Spanish: