Here find ideas and templates to assist you in your lesson planning. If you have more to add, please send them in!

Lesson Planning Using Backwards Designed Units. This hint sheet can help you plan out your units using our new curriculum unit plans:

The first days of school:

PowerPoint for Instruction - To use Jessica's pre-made PowerPoints, including some for the first days of school, go here.
Here is the one we did together, the "Jessica -Sensei Quiz"

Here are some games for basic Spanish vocabulary that you can play whole-group on the projector.
Here is FLTeach's list of ideas for the first days of school in world language classrooms.
Want to teach your class rules all in the target language? Here is a lesson plan you can follow:

Daily Lesson Plan Idea Template
This document has lots of ideas for how to organize your lesson and what types of activities you can do in each section of the lesson.

Here is a blank version of the template, so that you can type/write into it. Please be sure to check the "differentiation" page below in order to consider ways to differentiate the lesson.

CAN DO Statements: View the newest version of the NCSSFL/ACTFL Can Do Statements here. Use these to create your daily objectives.

Daily Lesson Checklist
Here is something you can use to self-reflect on your daily lessons.

Links for lesson planning:

This website called "Language Plan-It" has monthly free lesson plans for Arabic, French, Russian, Italian,and Spanish.

Article on Teaching Foreign Language to At-Risk Learners with suggestions for modifications and supports.

Here is great website for printing outline maps for different countries and regions!

View terrific Integrated Performance Assessments created by New Jersey teachers here. They give you an activity for each of the three modes of communication.

To access PowerPoints and other ideas for all types of activities for your class, go to: (username/password required- ask Jessica if you forgot)

For more ideas on daily instruction, go to

For ideas about differentiation, go to

For a list of "Top Five" favorite activities in each mode of communication, go to