This is where we will share ideas and links for practicing Presentational Communication.
Download the latest summary of the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages here.

Check out these comic strips made by Elena Mytarkina's French students at Mauro Sheridan. They made them on
Here are a few examples - download the zip file below them to see them all!
Pixton_Comic_xavier_COMIC_by_XAVIER_XAVIERXAVE172_ (1).png

Check out this great explanation of how to create and teach a Gouin Series. It is a series of 6-8 sentences that helps students to learn a set of instructions, usually related to culture, such as how to make something, preparing for a party, etc. This method has it all! Interpretive for the teaching part, and finally presentational when students reproduce it either orally or in writing.

Sidia Atencios Flip Books.jpeg
Sidia Atencio's students made flip books "Todo sobre mi"

Hong Cheng at JC Daniels, has students write about themselves inside the character for "I".
2014-02-26 09.22.39.jpg
Emily N.has her native speakers create cartoons using their writing skills.

Here is a paper that Marilyn Gonzalez at Career uses to gauge her students' comfort level with presentations.


Lots of resources at the CT COLT Poetry Contest and Rhyme Celebration pages.

Lots of poems are available at the Poetry Contest Archives.


Here are some easy fall poems, submitted by Kristi Shanahan. Merci!


Lots of famous poetry listed her:


For Quarter 1 Poetry Slam, here are some great possibilities:

# 34 - Al cuore d'un inverno

# 162 - Canto d'Amore

# 4 - Abbracciami estate