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Find curricula, resources, and links for teaching Spanish on this page. If something is underlined, click on it to go there.

Spanish III Medical Curriculum

Lots of handouts and pages from Realidades are on this website.

Quarterly Prep - Authentic Reading and Listening Tasks

Check out this video listening task on the "nose" from Mia B. Great extension to a body parts or health lesson. Video link included:

Here are a few more examples from a Health unit - have students highlight certain words and then answer questions. Also from Mia. B.

PREZIS- Ready-to-Use Presentations made by our own Sidia Atencio!! (follow her on Pinterest too) Click to view:

Puerto Rico y Accción de Gracias: día del "pavochón"

La musica en el mundo Hispano

"El Merengue"

También o Tampoco

Web Resources

http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/ Awesome listening/viewing videos with native Spanish speakers, listed by proficiency level.

Another great listening resource with videos of native speakers is here:

The PEARSON website has lots of resources for Realidades, including songs!

Lots of great Spanish games pre-made by other teachers on Quia.

EXCELLENT interactive tasks, online games and handouts to print for MANY topics like colors, family, talking about yourself, etc. at this website.

This GREAT website has lots of cultural resources for free around various holidays and just generally fun links! http://spanishplayground.net/

VERY cool blog by a Spanish teacher with some great ideas for how to start the class.

Check out the fabulous Cultural Notes at studyspanish.com! There is text, audio, and comprehension questions. Look at all of the topics down the left hand side!! These would be a great way to practice for the new format for the quarterlies.

Lots of great links to videos, vocabulary practice, and games for younger students at 123Teachme here.
www.conjuguemos.com This website has all the vocab anyone will ever need. By book or theme. I print flash cards from this all the time - from Jean C. at Hyde.

The National Spanish Examinations website provides excellent resources that can be used to prepare students for different types of assessments (finals, midterms, unit tests, etc.). Exercises and sample tests assess vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension and listening comprehension.
Visit our website and use these free resources in your classroom.
Link to: ONLINE PRACTICE EXERCISES http://www.nationalspanishexam.org/index.php/exam-preparation/online-practice-exercises
Link to: PAST ONLINE EXAMINATIONS http://nationalspanishexam.org/index.php/exam-preparation/past-examinations

Cool blog with lots of great resources including podcasts, graphics, etc. in Spanish! http://www.profedeele.es/

Great authentic advertisement for Nestle quick - thanks to Dee Huckabey. Click here.
How about the Cracker Barrel menu in Spanish!! Here.

Great website for resources in Spanish, French, Chinese and English (ELL) by awesome teacher Lori Langer de Ramirez!

Check out this poster of Onomatopeya in Spanish

Super cute website with lots of printables in Spanish.

Beginner Spanish downloadable podcasts http://www.notesinspanish.com/category/beginners-podcast/

NEW! Great video on how to use sports to talk to men - Ade at Hillhouse used this to show students they could understand a lot by just looking at facial expressions and picking out some words they know..

NEW! Twiccionario - a way to use Twitter posts to teach grammar!

Cute new website incorporating audio pronunciation practice! http://www.languageguide.org/


Check out this wonderful website devoted exclusively to authentic materials resources.

http://spanauthenticresources.wikispaces.com/home Of the many great pages on this website, I love the one on Culture and History-related Spanish authentic materials. http://spanauthenticresources.wikispaces.com/CULTURE-HISTORY

Here are a bunch of posters on sustainability in Spanish. http://www.sostenibilidad.com/

Collection of online biographies in Spanish! http://www.biografiasyvidas.com/

Infographics in Spanish! http://infografiasencastellano.com/

Taller hispano is designed to identify appropriate and authentic materials and Spanish resources on the net that relate to selected cultural themes, topics, and vocabulary presented in "Destinos" and similar textbooks. (description from the website)



BBC Mundo. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/spanish/news


This teacher is "Bringin' Conjugation Back" to the tune of the Justin Timberlake song. So cool!

A song sung to the tune of Adele's "Someone Like You" teaching the Spanish grammar concept of stem-changing verbs.